सर्वेभ्यो नमः |

My hobbies and interests range from music to programming, from swimming to football, from FPGA to Linux. Not to forget, I am a die hard fan of Football Club Barcelona.

I’ll update this site as and when I will have time. Although I don’t get much of it. I hope you’ll enjoy poking my little corner on the web. Check out everything that you find interesting and clickable.

I really enjoy music and I play it too.

Bits and pieces of me :

  • I love to try out new things
  • I love visiting new places
  • I am a proud Linux user and I try to avoid Microsoft products
  • I sometimes write poetry and I don’t share it with anyone
  • My sun sign is Scorpio
  • My Favorite book is Bhagwad Gita

Few things I find interesting:

  • Football (Barcelona >>>>> Others > Real Madrid)
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Tennis (Fedex >>>>> Djokivic > Nadal> all others )

Things I can’t live without:

  • Careless Wanderings
  • Nature’s tender touch
  • Watching Sunrise/Sunset
  • Surprises

“ना कोई गुरु ना कोई चेला मेले मे अकेला अकेले मे मेला”

( There is no guru, nor is there any disciple. I am alone in the celebration, and in my solitude I celebrate !! ).

~ Majboor

In Solitude I Celebrate !!